Vyökatu (0413)
Stop address: Merikasarminkatu, Helsinki
Stop name in other languages: Gördelgatan
Routes passing the stop:
Stop coordinates:
KKJ2: 6673109 - 2553983
WGS84: 60.16611 - 24.96915
Accessibility information:
Accessibility class: Elevated stop
There is enough room to turn on a wheel chair at the stop.
The distance between the walls of the shelter and the road is at least 1,5 m
Information for this stop
The distance between the walls and the road: 2.54 m
The edge of the stop is distinguishable by contrast.
The stop is elevated (elevation in respect to the road is 29 cm)
Figure 1. Height of the rear railing, seat height, height of the bottom plank from the ground, and the height of the protective structure from the ground. Measurements in centimeters.
Figure 2. Rear elevation, smallest distance between the walls of the shelter and roadway, and kerb height. Measurements in centimeters.